Australian ultra-marathon runner Kyle Williams has announced his latest challenge: to reach the summit of the tallest mountain in each state and territory in record-breaking time.

Williams, the first person to climb all of Australia’s 26 2,000-metre peaks nonstop and the first person to run a 82-kilometre ultra marathon across the Snowy Mountains Main Range while climbing its 21 2,000 metre peaks, now hopes to break the record set by Dale Cokley, Tom Cramer and Henk Morgans (self-titled Sum8) in climbing Australia’s eight highest peaks.

“This will be my toughest adventure yet. It is a true, all-round adventure test, combing an epic running challenge in some of Australia’s toughest environments with incredibly challenging logistics to cross the breadth of Australia and all in just six days.”

Sum8’s current record stands at 6 days, 21 hours and 30 minutes, which was set last year.

In order to break this record, Williams will need to combine his talents in long-distance running with mountaineering, cycling and whatever other modes of transport he can catch in order to travel around the country within the given timeframe.

The eight summits are:

  • Mount Kosciuszko, NSW, 2,228 metres
  • Mount Bogong, VIC, 1,986 metres
  • Bimberi Peak, ACT, 1,913 metres
  • Mount Bartle Frere, QLD, 1,622 metres
  • Mount Ossa, TAS, 1,614 metres
  • Mount Zeil, NT, 1,531 metres
  • Mount Woodroffe, SA, 1,435 metres
  • Mount Meharry, WA, 1,249 metres

Williams intends to complete his record attempt between the 18th and 23rd of October, and intends to share the adventure live via his Facebook page.